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Welcome to the homepage of the Solubis plugin for YASARA

Solubis tools menu in YASARA

The Solubis plugin for YASARA is a software package to identify mutants that decrease the aggregation tendency with YASARA. This package combines TANGO, FoldX and YASARA.

TANGO is a statistical mechanics algorithm that identifies the regions of a protein sequence involved in the process of b-sheet aggregation.

FoldX is a molecular modeling and protein design software program that calculates energy differences that come close to experimental values. FoldX is widely used to predict the effect of mutations on the stability of a protein.

YASARA is a molecular-graphics, -modeling and -simulation program that finally makes it really easy to answer your biological questions. The 3D graphics and intuitive interface make it a very user-friendly protein and nucleic acid analysis package. It is also easily extendable by means of plugins.

FoldX and TANGO are normally run from the command line without graphics. By installing the SOLUBIS plugin for YASARA, you can access these tools at the touch of a button in the 3D graphical YASARA interface. You directly see the results of your FoldX protein analysis on screen.

TANGO, FoldX, YASARA and the Solubis plugin for YASARA are all available for Linux, MacOSX and Windows.

This website is a guide through the installation and usage of the Solubis plugin for YASARA.

Have fun!

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FoldX version information

FoldX 3 Beta 6 is required for the plugin to work. Any FoldX release before January 2014 will not work. Get the current version from

YASARA version information

The plugin only works properly from YASARA version 12.2.20 and higher. Upgrading to the latest YASARA is strongly recommended.